A new beginning. A new month. A new start, full of excitement and energy.

Wow do you feel the intensity in the air.

Cause I do, and I’m loving it. I try to be in the moment and relax, and enjoy every little bit of it. How I love to visit my dearest friend, and her beautiful family. To spent some quality time, so warm and lovely. It made me realize what a difficult time it had been for a while.

Times are changing, a new shift has taken over the old patterns. If you feel it, work with it, if you see it, make a change. Don’t hesitate anymore, everything you do in life has a purpose. You will always make the best decision in you situation. Trust your intuition it will show you the path. Never be afraid to get lost.

We have to do it together, make life easier. Call your friends and family more often. Stay connected with the people that you cherish. Listen more, dance, sing, show your talents. Together a heaven on earth.

I hope to meet you soon.

I’m enjoying my inspiration now.

With love

Yufen ❤️

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